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Kurt Meier is a Harvard Law School trained mediator with over thirty-eight years of experience. He has mediated cases ranging from general civil litigation and personal injury to family law and child support matters. Kurt has served as an Administrative Law Judge for the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Board of Claims and is a regular mediator in the Campbell Circuit Family Court.


Kurt listens and uses interest-based negotiation to help parties come to a faster, more amicable resolution. To achieve more holistic and equitable outcomes, Kurt takes a hands-on approach during mediation, working with participants individually and with counsel, encouraging them to think “outside the box” rather than stick to legal norms.


Scheduling mediations without ending times ensures that parties are not rushed and can resolve issues in a global manner without having to schedule continued mediation sessions. This saves time and money in session fees and pre-planning with individual counsel.


Kurt often mediates cases for unmarried parents that desire to proceed pro se (unrepresented) in cases involving child custody, paternity, and parenting time.  He also mediates post-decree cases and helps parents in the areas of communication and co-parenting.



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Our first priority in any family law case
is your children. Because we are a father/daughter team with extensive experience as both attorneys and as parents, we advise you with the children's best interests in mind throughout the entire case process.  Having been a teacher in grades K-12 before her law practice, Ashley understands how the stresses of a divorce can effect children and child development. Kurt is a certified mediator with training from Harvard Law. Together, we will make sure the kids are protected. We resolve disputes through negotiation, mediation, the collaborative process, or trial before a presiding judge. We pride ourselves in getting results that protect our clients’ dignity and uphold their standards of reason and respect—while achieving desired results. We are experienced in alternative dispute resolution strategies such as mediation and arbitration—that are particularly effective in family law matters. If we can not reach an agreement or if other circumstances force the issue, we are experienced litigators and will protect and advocate your position in court.


Ashley Meier Barlow is trained in Collaborative Law and is a member of the Cincinnati Academy of Collaborative Professionals and the The Academy of Northern Kentucky Collaborative Professionals. For more information on Collaborative Law, visit


If the need arises—we have a network of advisors to help with mediation or guide you through the litigation process. Because these times can be very emotional, solid advice from a financial planner or consultant, Certified Public Account or bookkeeper, business /asset valuator, counselor or family and relations therapist can give you the right advice at the right time.


Our approach to family law cases is comprehensive and collaborative.  We will walk with you through every step of the transition your family is making.  We’ll sweat the details and keep you in the know so you can focus on the big picture  with the confidence of knowing that you’re not alone.


CLICK HERE for Resources and Documents On Family Law Topics






Whether you are purchasing a new house, have a contract dispute regarding a home you have purchased in the past, are pursuing a zoning issue, or need to sub-divide your property, we can help. Real estate issues are very tedious for good  reason. We know that you have worked very hard to own the real estate that you own or desire to purchase, and we keep that in mind when we sort through contracts, deeds, plats, chains

of title, zoning regulations, and the like.  You need the attention to detail that we provide, and if you want to be involved in that, we’ll gladly involve you.  If you would rather we provide you an overview with advice, we’ll lead the way for you with confidence.




Our corporate practice includes small business set-up and consultation, tax consultation, liability protection, and litigation.


If you are interested in establishing a business, we can help determine which corporate entity is right for you, draft and file the forms required by the Secretary of State, advise you as to insurance and tax ramifications, and help you establish your bank accounts and federal Employer Identification Numbers.  We can also help with contracts, notes, agreements and leases. We can help as much or as little as needed.


If your business is facing either the commencement or the defense of a law suit, the stress extends beyond the legal jargon.  We will not only represent your interests in the alternative dispute resolution forum or court but will also walk with you step-by-step to make sure the necessary corporate documents are filed to make your case.


It takes a team to run a business. Certified Public Accountants, financial planners, bankers, bookkeepers, insurance agents, marketing specialists, technology consultants—all professionals who can help with the details so you can concentrate on building your enterprise. If you have your team in place, we’ll work with them to maximize your effectiveness.



Financial Powers of Attorney

Health Care Powers of Attorney

Living Wills

Limited Powers of Attorney

Special Needs Trusts





Establishing an estate plan is one of the best gifts you can give your family. Our basic estate planning packet includes a Last Will and Testament, a Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney, and a Durable Financial Power of Attorney; however, our estate planning practice extends far beyond. We are also experienced at drafting several types of trusts, buy-sell agreements, codicils and other amendments, HIPAA-compliant authorizations, life

insurance beneficiary instructions, and letters of intent.


When you come to us for your estate planning needs, whether it is because  you have just had a baby or because your estate may be subject to estate tax, we will review your estate comprehensively and listen to your concerns about your finances, family, and health.


After you have signed your documents, we will provide you with a letter detailing our instructions regarding each document that you have signed. We will also provide you with as many copies of your documents as you would like so that you can share them with your children, physicians, and other professionals.



We know first-hand how accidents and injuries affect families, as it has affected ours.  As a result, we handle our personal injury and wrongful death clients with utmost respect, patience, and empathy while we advocate passionately for their compensation.  We give our clients strategies for keeping paperwork organized, updating us, scheduling appointments, and managing care so they can focus on healing while we take on the worry of the litigation.


We are sensitive to the financial constraint that accidents and injuries have on our clients, so we work quickly and efficiently to reach settlements with insurance companies whenever possible.  We are proactive in scheduling phone conferences with adjusters, making our clients available for depositions, and suggesting mediation prior to litigating.  And we don’t subject our clients to the personal and financial stresses of litigation without involving them in a thorough conversation about the risks and benefits of going to court.


Sensitive to the cost involved in pursuing claims, we are reasonable in preparing cases.  We work with our clients to decide things like if doctors’ reports are necessary and whether expert witnesses would help.  And our clients owe us nothing in attorneys’ fees unless they get paid.  That is, we operate on contingency fees in most injury cases.


Our goal is to help clients wrap up the administrative burdens involved with litigation and settlement as efficiently and proactively as possible so they can concentrate on their physical and emotional healing.




The probate process typically involves gathering many forms of documentation while grieving the loss of a loved one. We will walk with you through each step of the probate process and help alleviate the administrative stress in your time of need. We will help you locate important documentation, contact any outside entities, communicate with the funeral home and any creditors for you, prepare all of the necessary documentation to file with the court, and will assist you in the day-to-day banking affairs for the estate.  We will even take you to the bank to establish an estate checking account and federal tax identification number so you can resume your life as normally as possible.


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