Becoming a Meier & Barlow client means you've come to a place where you can get back in control of your legal matter. You can relax knowing that you have people who will work and walk with you. By forming a team we'll better accomplish your goals. We listen to you. We make sure your questions are answered and that you're comfortable with the overall plan. Whether you want us to be involved in simply sending correspondence on your behalf or ask us to represent you in a complicated civil dispute, we promise to approach your issue from all angles and to listen to your perspective.


Whether we're simply sending correspondence or fully representing you, we'll do it with the sensibilities that matter to you. Reason, Respect and Grace is letting cooler heads prevail. Treating all parties with grace and respect keeps things civil and productive and we'll use reason to find the best solutions under the shadow of the law — and you can rest easier knowing we won’t bill you for every short, single contact when you have questions or need an update.



We understand that your time is important, especially when you have added legal issues so we'll work around YOUR schedule. If you need to meet in the evening or on a weekend, we get it. If you can't make it to our office, we'll come to you.



Through our Client Portal, you'll be able to see your case at a glance. View important documents and correspondence, even pay your bill. So even when we can't talk, you know where you stand.



Our office is one turn from Downtown Cincinnati... located in Ft. Thomas, Kentucky, and is convenient to  Cincinnati and neighboring Northern Kentucky neighborhoods.

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